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"Great grapefruit - previously ordered from Macy's. Your process is much easier." C. R. of Colorado Springs, CO

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The 2015-16 Season is Now Closed


69 Years of Shipping Florida Citrus Gifts and Baskets!

All Citrus is shipped from our Packing House in the Indian River Groves on Florida’s East Coast via FedEx. We’re experienced, dedicated and efficient citrus shippers but it is fresh fruit, subject to the sometimes whims of Nature. Your order will be confirmed by email. The scheduled Ship Date is indicated but is subject to weather (rain) delays in the Groves and delivery schedules are sometimes affected by winter weather en route.

The Florida Citrus Season is November-Mid May
Look For Specific Availability Listed With Each Fruit Description

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Floribbean Flo's citrus is grown in Florida's famous Indian River Citrus district
and shipped fresh directly to whomever you designate.

Heads Up! 2015 Earliest Shipments Will Be For Delivery the 2nd or 3rd week of Nov.

Your Complete Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

Ordering Citrus

We ship exclusively by FedEx to Continental US street addresses at no additional charge except shipments to CA, TX, AZ, and LA incur a $2.00 special charge. Shipments to Canada incur a $15.00 additional charge.Be sure you give correct address. If incorrect, UPS/FedEx will charge an additional $12.50 and we must pass this along to you.

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Our online citrus prices include shipping.

To Ensure Delivery in Time For The Holidays Please Order By:

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Nov. 16
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Dec. 13


The Blue Heron/Floribbean Flo’s Story

We began shipping our fresh Florida citrus by mail order back in 1946. Winter visitors to our  grove wanted us to ship gifts and baskets of our fresh navel oranges, tangerines and grapefruit back to their friends and relatives “up North”, so we started our mail order business. Wasn’t long before folks started telephoning their orders in from home and we had to put a catalog together  so they could get their gifts and baskets of citrus shipped by mail order whether they visited Florida or not! Many of those people have ordered our citrus by mail since the earliest days and still order their fresh Florida citrus from us year after year. They say we’re still be best source of citrus for their own use and for gifts and baskets they want to send to special people. We appreciate that high opinion and we work hard to earn their accolade as “the best source of Florida citrus”. Some things have changed since the earliest days. HoneyBell oranges were not as popular then. Navels were the standard for early in the season and Valencia oranges ruled later in the year. HoneyBell oranges started becoming popular 10 to 15 years ago and now, every year starting in December and through January, all we hear is HoneyBells, HoneyBells and more HoneyBells. Shaped like a Bell, sweet as Honey, HoneyBells are king but only for a month or two. Navels, Valencias and some of the hybrids like Ortaniques and Temples rule the Florida Citrus Kingdom the rest of the season. White Grapefruit is still available and the choice of many but the Ruby Red Grapefruit is most people’s choice as best grapefruit. Less acidic, Ruby Red Grapefruit tend to be a little sweeter than most white grapefruit. Ruby Red Grapefruit is prettier on the plate, too.

Nowadays, all our citrus, Navels, Valencias , Honeybells. Tangerines and Ruby Red Grapefruit- everything is grown in the Indian River Citrus growing district. Good citrus can be grown just about anyplace in Florida, but the best is grown in the Indian River area. In our quest to maintain people’s trust in us as the best source of fresh Florida citrus for their gifts and baskets, we only ship Indian River Citrus. Located on the East Coast near Ft. Pearce, protected from harmful winds with the topography low enough to avoid most frosts, it’s just the best, the Indian River and its citrus!

Some things changed but many things remain the same. Original owners to the current ones, we’ve always done everything possible to remain the best possible source of fresh, gourmet quality oranges, tangerines and grapefruit, in their many varieties, to ship mail order for your own use or in gifts and baskets. We will continue to do so!

We’ll welcome your online orders, telephone orders or mail orders!

Varieties of Gift-Quality Citrus We Expect to ship in the season beginning November  2013

Navel Oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Red Navel Oranges, Sunburst Tangerines, Florida Tangelos, HoneyBells, Temple Oranges, Honey Tangerines, Ortaniques, Delites, Valencias Oranges, White Grapefruit, Crimson Flame Grapefruit.

Shipping Fresh Florida Citrus Since 1946



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