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Florida Gift BasketFloribbean
From Florida's Panhandle to Jamaica's Spanish Town, our gourmet foods and eclectic collection of gift items all celebrate our tropical, Floribbean Paradise.

SO EASY Simply select one of our exciting baskets already created for the occasion or call our designer to custom design your gift.

We ship anywhere in the US and Canada by UPS Virtually all deliveries to Florida addresses are next day, when ordered Monday thru Thursday (No weekend UPS deliveries). Shipping/Handling charges (based on destination zip code) are displayed online before you finalize order. Call for expedited mail order deliveries and charges. Be sure you give correct address. If incorrect, UPS/FedEx will charge an additional $12.50 and we must pass this along to you.

WE DELIVER - Sarasota, Longboat/Venice/Bradenton/IMG Academy/Osprey/Nokomis/Casey Key/Anna Maria
We deliver locally if order exceeds $25.00.
Deliveries to Sarasota (Including Siesta Key and Osprey) are $10.50.
Deliveries to Venice ( Including Casey Key & Nokomis) and Bradenton (including Anna Marie, Lakewood Ranch & IMG) are $11.50.


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If you don't see what you want, call us!

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Flo's Florida Spreads $19.99

Gift Box of three 4oz. Sweet Spreads that represent Florid's best! Key Lime Marmalade, Orange Strawberry Marmalade and Pecan Orange Blossom Honey Jelly.


Full of Florida For The Holidays

Our popular Just For You Wood Crate, reminiscent of traditional citrus crates is specially decorated and stocked for the Holidays. Flamingo Shaped Pasta, Flo’s Own Key Lime Marmalade, Fresh Florida Oranges, Tangerines along with a Mango, Tortuga Rum Cake, Chocolate Break-a-Part Orange, Chocolate Hazelnut Seashells, large tin of Florida’s Best Peanuts, Holiday Bavarian Pretzels Dipped in Chocolate, a Ginger Bread Person, dressed for the beach and fresh from our award winning bakery.


Holiday Splendor

Look at this! This large Willow Basket is absolutely full! The Chocolate Break-a Part Orange is wonderful, Key Lime Buds Hard Candy, Smoked Almonds and Orange Oat Crisps Cookies delicious. Tortuga Run Cake, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Gouda and Bavarian Beef Salami are accompanied by the Garlic Herb Water Crackers. Two Oranges, three Tangerines, Two freshly baked Holiday Sweet Breads, Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark, Tree Box of Chocolate Balls filled with Praline and Nuts and Holiday Taffy (Egg Nog, Peppermint and Spearmint) top the whole thing off with Holiday Cheer.


Just Grand!

The festive Basket will arrive with Key Lime Cooler Cookies, 2 Florida Oranges, 3 FloridaTangerines, Coconut Patties Dipped in Chocolate, Flo’s Holiday Sweet Bread, Key Lime Buds Hard Candies, a Break-A-Part Chocolate Orange, Key Lime Marmalade, Tortuga Rum Cake, 2 Chocolate Crispie Pops, Smoked Almonds, Holiday Napkins, Orange Oat Cookies w/Chocolate and Smoked Salmon.


Holiday Breads & Spreads

Perfect for breakfast or for a coffee or tea break during the festivities.. Pumpkin Seed Bread, Orange Cranberry Nut Bread and Cinnamon Apple Raisin Bread to be spread with Florida’s Key Lime Marmalade, Florida Strawberry Jam and Pecan Orange Blossom Honey Jelly.


Holiday Fruit Basket

Everyone loves fruit, especially at this time of year. The hansom SplitWood Basket with Holiday Bow features Pineapple, Apples, Mango, Florida Navel Oranges, Red and Green Pears, Gift Box of 12 Large Cookies by Flo and Godiva Truffles in a Star Shaped Ornament.


Merry Merry Basket

A Basket of Chirstmas treats: Chocolate Break-a-Part Orange, Flo’s Holiday Bread, Latitude 23.5 Coffee, Smoked Salmon, Spring Onion Crackers, Rothchilds Chocolate Pretzels, Key Lime Buds Hard Candy, Smoked Almonds and, Cinnamon Santa Jellies.


FLO'S CHRISTMAS COOKIES    Cookies Shipped In An Airtight Plastic Bag
In addition to her tropical gourmet cookies available year round, Flo bakes and decorates some special cookies at this time of the year.


Chocolate Peppermint Crunch - One Dozen

Chocolate chip cookies and crushed peppermint can peppermint candy are a festive combination.

  Cranberry Nut Oatmeal Cookie
Many recipes and ideas are auditioned throughout the year but few (only this one, this year) are chosen as Holiday Cookies by Flo. You’ll see why this one made the cut!


Gift Tray

The smart looking tray presents a total of 24 of these gourmet cookies.

Call to increase the number of cookies included on this elegant gift tray!


Small Gift Box
Includes a variety of 12 hand-made gourmet cookies.

These attractive Gift Boxes are decorated for the Holidays from Thanksgiving to January 1st.

  Large Gift Box
The variety includes 18 of these large cookies.

Giant Ginger Bread Beach People (2)

8" Ginger Bread Guy and Gal are dressed for the beach and delicious in all ways. Baked in our own kitchen and hand decorated, these cookies are sold as a couple only unless included in an ordered Gift Basket.
These Sold as an add-on only. Must be accompanied by order for a Gift Basket or Cookie Gift Box, all shipped to same recipient.


Holiday Cookie Gift Plate  Pick up at Sarasota Store Only

Beautifully Festive Gift Plate contains a selection fo 12 of Flo's Own Favorite Tropical Cookies plus a large Decorated Star and Three smaller decorated Cookies all wrapped and decorated with a Bow

  Pumpkin Sugar Cookie
Approximately 4" X 5"

When Ordered To Accompany Another Gift.

When Ordered Alone To Be Shipped.

    Leaf Sugar Cookie
Approximately 3 ½ "

When Ordered To Accompany Another Gift.
When Ordered Alone To Be Shipped.



If you don't see what you want, call us!

We can design a gift for you! 888 496-9888


Sweet Breads and Spreads!

Splitwood Gift Basket with Bow contains 3 of Flo's own Sweet Breads, Pineapple Pecan, Lemon Poppy Seed and Coconut plus Jars of Strawberry/Orange Marmalade, Pecan Orange Blossom Honey Jelly and Key Lime Marmalade.


Flowers and Fruit Local Delivery Only

Combining beauty and healthy flavors, this gift is delivered on an elegant and practical Seagrass Tray. The Seasonal Flowers, in Glass Vase, as well as the Bow and other Decorative Enhancements are selected to reflect the gender of the recipient as well as the occasion. The variety of prime Seasonal Fruit selected for each gift is classic but usually includes a touch of the exotic such as Kiwi and Mango.


Sausage and Cheese Basket

A Guarantee Man Pleaser! A stick of fine Luguria Salame, a Beef Summer Sausage, a round of Smoked Gouda Cheese accompanied by our favorite Anna Mae’s Smoky Mustard, Sesame Water Crackers, Roasted Salted Cashews and Seasoned Pretzels. All presented on a handsome Wood Cutting Board with a Wooden Handle Spreader for the Mustard and Cheese.


Wine Beer

Let us shop for you and add a special bottle or more to you gift for local delivery. Call to discuss.


Healthy Snack Basket

The Tray/Basket Container is made of handsome Seagrass and is decorated for the Holidays when ordered during November or December. The 8 Grain Cracker Bread and Tweeds Flax and Sesame Chips are companioned with a large container of Wild Garden Hummus Spread and tasty  Balsamic Black Bean Dip. There is Orange Blossom Honey, a large container (20 oz.) of Florida’s Best Peanuts, Sensible Foods Orchard Blend of Dried Fruit Snacks and Stone Mountain’s Tropical Fruit Mix of Dried Fruit.


Sweet and Savory Basket

There’s enough here to satisfy the Chocolate lover and beyond. The Straw Basket includes Lady Walton Cinnamon Sugar Butter Wafers, a Box of Four Chocolate Enrobed Toffee Bars with Almonds, two Dark Chocolate Coconut Patties, four of Flo’s own Gourmet Cookies, Smoked Gouda Cheese with The Works Cracker Bread and a package of tasty Cheese Straws.

    We Deliver Sarasota    

Fine Gourmet Chocolate Truffles

Decorated gift boxes of these large, milk and dark chocolate truffles, hand-made by the same premier chocolatier that supplies Nieman Marcus, contain either a half or full dozen. They truly will excited and satisfy the most discriminating chocolate lovers. Please Note: We can deliver this gift locally or ship to most places in Florida at regular rates. Destinations outside FL require overnight express shipment with additional charges.

  Gift Box of 6 Truffles  $18.95
  Gift Box of 12 Truffles    $37.95
    We Deliver Bradenton    
    If you prefer, any of the following gifts will be decorated for special occasions with appropriate colors and ribbons. Just state “Decorate for ___________(occasion or holiday)” in the Special Instructions space as you order.    
Florida Gift Basket  

A Helium Filled Balloon

Adds to the festivities! For local delivery only. When added to a Gift.

Florida Gift Basket  

Key Lime Sampler

"Best of the Best" This specially crated, premium selection of gourmet food items showcase the unique and wonderful tart-sweet flavor of the Key Lime. As versatile as good mayonnaise, the complex Key Lime Mustard Sauce is overlaid with sharp, Key Lime freshness. The Key Lime Juice is 100 % Key Lime Juice, is certified all natural and can be used as a marinade or to create award winning pies. You will agree this Key Lime Marmalade is better than any orange marmalade. “Mouth puckering good” are these Key Lime Pie Kandies. 4 Key Lime Coconut Cookies are freshly baked right in Flo’s Tropical Bakery and don’t miss using the recipe for "Island Seasoned Chicken" from the Key Lime Cookin’ cookbook included.

    We Deliver Venice    

Thank You

Of course, any of our baskets can be a “Thank You” Basket with an appropriate message on the gift card that we include with each basket. This particular basket is presented on an attractive Seagrass Serving Tray and the collection includes four Freshly Baked Cookies from Flo’s Tropical Bakery, Key Lime Marmalade, two packages of Flavored Coffee, two Tropical Fish Decorated Coffee Mugs, Fruit Flavored Tea, Cheese Straws and Tortuga Rum Cake.


Fruit Baskets
Besides our famous Indian River Citrus Gifts listed in our Citrus section we ship from our east coast grove, we can add fruit to any basket we create. Tell us approximately what you want to spend on the fruit and we'll shop to obtain the best fruit available at the time with the appropriate ripeness.

UMM Snacks

A Split Wood Basket is brimming with Lobster Pate, Water Crackers by The Works, Seasoned Pretzels, Brie Cheese, a Spreader, Cinnamon Glazed Pecans, Rothschild's Raspberry Honey Mustard, Cheese Straws and Chocolate Sea Shells.

  We Deliver Longboat Key    

Spa Stress Reducer

Key Lime Moisturizer and Key Lime Bath & Shower Gel by Key West Aloe accompanies a Candle and Bath Puff. The inner soul will be soothed by the Freshly Baked Cookies from Flo’s Bakery and the sweet/tart flavor of the Key Lime Candies. The filled Straw Basket will please as well.


Stress Reducer

A pretty, small Straw Shell holds the Tropical Bath & Shower Gel, Scented Mist, Bath Puff and a treat of Chocolate Seashells.


Sympathy Basket

Handsome Extra Large Willow Basket is richly enhanced by Bow and Orchid Stem and is stuffed with a decorated Gift Box of 12 large, freshly baked, Gourmet Cookies, a Lemon Poppy Seed Bread, a Pineapple Pecan Bread, Key Lime Marmalade, a 16 oz. container of Florida’s Best Peanuts, Belgian Chocolate Covered Hazelnut Filled Sea Shells and an array of Seasonal Fruit as pictured.

Florida Gift Basket  

Two For Tea and Coffee Too

Mornings, afternoons or evenings are all appropriate for a celebratory feast of loaves of Coconut Bread and Lemon Poppyseed Bread, baked in our own tropical bakery and shipped fresh, lavishly spread with Orange Blossom Honey provided. Flavored Coffees are included too along with the finest London brand Fruit Herbal Teas, Twinnings Irish Breakfast Tea and wonderful Earl Grey Blend Tea too. Mugs and Spreader with a tropical motif are packaged with Napkins to complete this Celebration in a Basket.

    Gourmet Cookie Gifts    

With Happy Birthday Ribbon


Flo's Cookie Gift Box - Small

These handsome gable gift boxs are tied with raffia or seasonal ribbon. The small box contains a dozen of freshly baked gourmet cookies with tropical fruits and flavors from our own bakery. [To learn more about Flo's Bakery] No preservatives so choose your shipping method accordingly as you order online. Delivered locally same day if ordered by 10 am.



Flo’s Super Cookie Gift Box

The larger box contains 18 assorted gourmet cookies.

    We Deliver Osprey    

Flo's Tropical Cookie Tray

A pleasure inducing assortment of two dozen large gourmet cookies, freshly baked by Flo's Tropical Bakery. Presented on an attractive seagrass tray, wrapped in cellophane and tied with a multi-colored bow. This is a real pleaser.

Click here to see the variety of cookies that will be included in the assortment of 24.

    We Deliver Anna Maria    
Florida Gift Basket  

Floribbean Food Sampler

Handsome Wood Crate Container displays Floribbean brand Key Lime Calypso Dip and Tropical Plantain Chips to start the feast then Busha Browne’s Authentic Jerk Seasoning which turns ordinary pork or chicken into an Island BBQ with Floribbean brand Key Lime Juice and Mango-Mango Salsa to accompany. A sample portion of Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cake and two each of Floribbean Flo’s tropical Pina Colada and Key Lime Coconut Macaroon Cookies will provide the sweet balance.

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